Campgrounds Spain Motorhome and RV and Camper van  Portugal and Europe.

Campgrounds Spain  are plentiful in Spain and Portugal and it is best to do a search online to book a campground. It is of course possible to stay and camp in the wild please adhere to local laws and the safety of the area. Motorhomes may be used  to camp outside a campground as you have gas on board to power the fridge and use for heating water and heating in the motorhome. Campgrounds Spain can be booked online but outside of the busy summer season and unless it is a city location I will just turn up on the day as this gives you more flexibility.

Campgrounds Spain

The limiting factor is really how much fresh water you use you may stay longer if you limit the use of any showers and water usage.

Motorhomes also have batteries on board for lighting and fridge use and can be recharged by running the camper-van battery.

I would see no problem in camping wild for 3 or 4 days of course using the water sparingly.

Campgrounds are plentiful in major cities with every facility available hook up to electricity and you may simply refill the motorhome water tank by placing a refill hose to a water tap and place in the refill opening.

Motorhome and campervan pitches are marked out and you park in the provided pitch and hook up to the metered electricity with a provided mains electricity lead.

Some campgrounds in Spain and Portugal have Campervan and RV pitches and also tent camping and wooden cabin hire. They provide hot showers and laundry and toilet facilities.

There generally will also be a barbecue area and maybe a small restaurant and a children’s playground and maybe even a swimming pool.

Try Pitchup or Alan Rogers as a resource.

My general advise is to use a campground in Spain and Portugal  as much as possible as it is more secure and in a campground people act like a large family and look out for each others security.